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Member of International Trade Council

Plumbing & Sanitary

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Plumbing & Sanitary

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Plumbing & Sanitary

1. Drainage Piping & Fitting.
UPVC & HDEP installation Works.
Floor Drain Trap, Gully Trap & Rain Water Outlets.
Manholes & Accessories.
2. Sanitary Wares Installation.
Wash Basin.
Water Closet.

Urinal (seat/stool)
Bath Tab.
Kitchen Sink.
3. Water Supply System.
Cold & Hot Water PPR Piping.
Roof & Riser Piping.
Isolating Valves.
Pex Piping.
4. Water Supply Equipments Installation.
Water Heaters.
Water Tanks.

Water Meters.
Booster Pumps.
Transfer Pumps.
5. Fire Fighting Equipments Installation.
Sprinkler Works.
Hose Reel Work
GI Water supply Piping Works.

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